#Quezon Memorial Shrine Art Series -22 of 60-

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Location Quezon City
Country Philippines

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Time 03m 27s
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Portals 6
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D' Quezon Memorial Shrine is located in the Heart and Soul of Quezon City. Art Deco-themed monument was designed by Federico Ilustre & was built during the 1950s and serves as the centerpiece of QMC.

# Name Action
1 Manuel Quezon Wooden Relief 1964 Hack this portal
2 Quezon Family Old Luggage 1938 Hack this portal
3 Marcha Socialismo Quezonania Hack this portal
4 President Manuel Quezon's Old Tail coat Hack this portal
5 Bronze Cast Flower Electric Lamp 1938 Hack this portal
6 Buddha Sitting With Gesture Hack this portal