Northern Quarter #05

Owner Fu11blood

Status Online

Location Manchester
Country United Kingdom

Order Sequentially
Time 11m 48s
Total distance 0.24 km

Portals 7
Unique portals 4
Distance start / end portal: 212 m

Hacks 3
Waypoint 3
Passphrases 1


Part 5 of 6. Take this tour around Manchester's bohemian district, the Northern Quarter. Street art leads the way, via great places to eat, drink and shop!

# Name Action
1 Old Smithfield Entrance Enter the passphrase
2 Fish Market Entrance Hack this portal
3 Thomas Street Wiew waypoint
4 Richard Goodall Gallery Wiew waypoint
5 Brush and shovel sculpture Hack this portal
6 The Love Mural Hack this portal
7 North Tea Power Wiew waypoint