Città Eterna XVII

Owner Raukonar

Status Online

Location Rome
Country Italy

Order Any
Time 05m 25s
Total distance 0.23 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 4
Distance start / end portal: 110.8 m

Hacks 4
Waypoint 2


Discover hidden wonders of the Eternal City wandering around the central area of one of the oldest and charming cities of the world. Powered by Masters of Rome

# Name Action
1 Aquila Unione Militare Hack this portal
2 Palazzo Ex Unione Militare Wiew waypoint
3 Unione Militare, Via della Con Hack this portal
4 Eagle Clock Hack this portal
5 Via dei Condotti - Roma Italia Hack this portal
6 Ginger Wiew waypoint