Telford 50 #1

Status Online

Location Telford
Country United Kingdom

Order Sequentially
Time 07m 47s
Total distance 0.33 km

Portals 7
Unique portals 7
Distance start / end portal: 251.3 m

Hacks 7


Celebrating 50 years of Telford, this mission will take you around the centre and outlying towns that make up Telford. This mission takes you though the courts area. Mission 1 of 18

# Name Action
1 Telford Court Fountain Hack this portal
2 Court Clocktower Hack this portal
3 Statue of Thomas Telford Hack this portal
4 The Brass Eye Hack this portal
5 Telford 50 Monument Hack this portal
6 Telford Shopping Centre Fountain Hack this portal
7 Stone Fountain Hack this portal