Curacao Beaches 10

Owner Se4horse

Status Online

Location Willemstad
Country Netherlands Antilles

Order Sequentially
Time 07m 16s
Total distance 0.31 km

Portals 7
Unique portals 7
Distance start / end portal: 243.5 m

Hacks 7


Walk through Riffort Village, an old fort now converted into an open-air shopping area and entertainment center. A range of restaurants, bars, shops & live music.

# Name Action
1 Curacao Bandstand Hack this portal
2 Statue of the First Prime Minister Hack this portal
3 Riffort Hack this portal
4 Riffort Hack this portal
5 Cow Bench Hack this portal
6 Canons at Rif Fort Hack this portal
7 Dancing Fountain At Riff Fort Hack this portal