Old Town Square of Deggendorf B4

Owner mh31

Status Offline

Location Deggendorf
Country Germany

Order Sequentially
Time 06m 17s
Total distance 0.26 km

Portals 6
Unique portals 6
Distance start / end portal: 236 m

Hacks 5
Passphrases 1


This mosaic of 24 leads you through the city of Deggendorf. At the end you will get a picture of the old town square.

# Name Action
1 Goldene Brezn Enter the passphrase
2 Schutzpatron Amanstraße Hack this portal
3 Feuerblume Hack this portal
4 Gildenbaum Deggendorf Hack this portal
5 Wandwappen Hack this portal
6 Geburtshaus Theodor Eckert Hack this portal