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[Boy and Girl]
Маршрут нелинейный. Много метаний туда-сюда во дворах. Пасскод долго вспоминал, но-таки смог :)
Enjoy Jakarta
Nice mission, mission 6 to 21 in one place, so its easy to complete.
On mission 14 to 16, there are alternatif mission, because real mission far enough from that place.
The Thinker
A lack of sidewalks in some of the areas surrounding this mosaic may make it difficult for those with mobility impairments to complete the missions, particularly those where stairs must be detoured, and especially when the Legion gates are closed. That being said, the missions are completeable with the gates closed, if you don't mind the lack of sidewalks.

Mission 4: The answer to the date of the fall of the Berlin wall is "1989". This is the year the wall was opened; demolition actually took place from 1990 and mostly finished by 1992. Technically, demolition is not yet complete, as parts of the wall still stand as memorials.
Mission 6: As mentioned before, Michelangelo is erroneously spelled "Michael Angelo" as the answer.
Mission 7: If you've never heard the 'key'–banana thing before, the answer is "monkey".
Historic North Beach
Take care not to miss Jack Early Park, the first waypoint of mission 3.

Mission completion may be impeded by the partial closure of Washington Park, involving mission 14.
Une Rencontre un Amour à Paris
Belle fresque dans l'ensemble. Demande une bonne condition physique avec les montées et descentes autour de Montmartre notamment les escaliers ;).
Attention aux horaires du cimetière pour la 2ème mission.
Villefranche - Mosaique
Une belle découverte de Villefranche.
Leonardo da Vinci in Teylers
Leuk rondje door centrum van Haarlem,.
A really nice route around Mountain View -- I hadn't been on this part of Stevens Creek Trail before and it is gorgeous.

Takes around 2.5-3 hours by bicycle. It would be extremely long on foot, and a car won't help for the parts on Stevens Creek Trail or Shoreline Park.

Includes some parks, temples, and corporate campuses, so probably best done during the day.