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Teylingen Banner
This banner is all right, though slightly frustrating at times. The image is certainly very nice! And the route follows a logical path through the three villages of the municipality.

The banner is definitely not 24/7.
M6P5-8 require walking through the graveyard, which happened to be open, but I couldn't find opening hours (might be 24/7, might not be).
M7P3 is in a field that cannot be entered at all. Only with a very generous GPS wander, is this portal even reachable.
M8P3 and M11P11-18 are between sunrise and sunset only.
The last portal of mission 12 can only be completed between March and November, on Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 and 17:00, due to the opening times of the castle - and requires a €3,00 entrance fee per person.

I strongly recommend changing the last portal of mission 12 to "Info paneel Ruïne van Teylingen", or omitting that portal altogether. Though the castle is beautiful, and certainly worth a visit, planning the mission around its opening times could deter agents from attempting this banner.
Panorama Unteröwisheim
Mit Fahrrad habe ich ziemlich genau 3 Stunden gebraucht.

Am Anfang und Ende des Banners gibt es Abstecher in die "Gebirge" rund um Unteröwisheim. Hier gibt es Wege mit großen Steigungen, schlecht befestigte Schotter-Wege, bei Nässe Matsch und natürlich keine Beleuchtung. Darauf muss man eingestellt sein.

Hat bei sonnigem Wetter tagsüber sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Nachts oder bei nasser Witterung würde ich dieses Banner nicht empfehlen.

Die Fragen sind auf Deutsch (Questions are in German) und meistens anhand der Portalbeschreibung in Ingress selbst oder vor Ort am Portal in real zu beantworten. Wann in der Mission Fragen auftauchen ist unterschiedlich. Teilweise endet eine Mission mit einer Frage an einem Portal, das dann anschließend am Anfang der nächsten Mission gehackt werden muss.

Wegführung ist gut. Bei den Abschnitten außerhalb des Ortes musste ich wegen der großen Abstände aber Google Maps zur Navigation zuhilfe nehmen.

Kew Gardens
Just as per Chyl314's review - there is a plethora of new portals within Kew Garden grounds that could now be added to make the banner more logical. I did the banner in a bit different order by swapping missions 5 and 6 due to lunch break.
Bloemencorso 2018
Banner is about 16km and took us 3h by bike with destroying, linking and fielding everything. I have just submitted one edit in the portal order in mission 14 so it's a bit smoother.
Easy mosaik to do, great walk :)
This was a quick one! A few missions in between are a little spread out but we finished it in 3 hours easily. I wouldn't recommend going by bike as a large part is in the prater with a lot of people and narrow roads.

We needed a few heat sinks as sometimes the hacking order is backwards. Keeping this in mind we managed to not get tricked to often ;)

The route itself is easy, takes you through the second district, Würstlprater and the Grüner Prater, which is a nice change of scenery and pace.
Where do lonely hearts go
We did this Nice banner on food.
While walking you have the time to enjoy the scenery, in the park we took a break to eat and rest.

We enjoyed the Banner. The fact that we stopped where we started is a nice feature.

Thx to make this banner. we enjoyed it
Niet lullen maar hacken
Well the big project is finnaly done. This is a real 'get to know a city' banner. Rotterdam is a very diverse city. There are old parts, there are new parts. There are green parts and not so green parts. And there are surprises like a beach in the middle of the harbor. @BAZlNGAA thank you for this piece of art. It took some time to finish it, some parts of the city still bear marks of it.