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Gouda s winter banner 2018 2019
Heb al vaker banners gedaan in Gouda dus al aardig bekend met de gebouwen en straten. Heb niks van de fouten gemerkt, goeie banner, loop lekker vlot weg. Mijn inventory op kunnen schonen door flink wat portals vol te zetten
Mountain View City Hall
Yet another boring banner in this one city block made by phthoruth. Decent image, boring gameplay. The same portals and same waypoints, over and over. Identical to the half-dozen or more banners that this user has created in this block.
Art of Sitting
Another banner where you walk around and around and around this one city block, hacking and cap/upgrading the same set of portals again and again. Boring gameplay, so-so image.

This is basically identical to the half-dozen (or more!!) banners that user phthoruth has created in this same area.
Mountain View Library
Yet another banner by this author in the same city block, doing the exact same things. Over and over and over again. The picture is pretty decent, at least, but the game-play is boring.
This is basically the same as several other banners by the same author. Walk around and around one square block, visiting the same portals over and over again, making sure to use low-level resos on the cap/upgrade missions because you're going to have to upgrade the same portals again later.

The main difference is that this one doesn't even have a nice image to go with the boring missions.
Transmuter Cat
Typical phthoruth banner--great image, boring play. You walk around and around and around and around one city block, mostly doing capture/upgrades. So you better have a lot of flip cards, or make sure the portals are all low-level to start with, and you need to be careful to only deploy low level resonators at first.

This can be done fairly quickly if you plan it out ahead of time carefully, or can use enough resources (e.g., viruses/flip cards, bursters) on it.
Alviso Sunset
This is another mission with a pretty picture that is boring to actually do. It is designed to be very quickly done, and is made up mostly of waypoints. In many cases there are multiple waypoints at a single map location, so you have to hunt through them to find the correct one to click on. (This must be a nightmare with the new scanner!!) Most missions end with a hack, and the next mission starts by capturing that portal.
Victory of Joker
Eine sehr angenehme Wegführung, die zu Beginn aus dem einnehmen von Portalen besteht und nach der Hälfte ins reine Portal hacken über geht.
Wie für Wuppertal üblich ist, ist die ein oder andere Steigung dabei, weshalb ich es für Rollstuhlfahrer nicht empfehlen kann.
Insgesamt habe ich etwa 3 Stunden benötigt, musste allerdings auch jedes Portal umfärben.