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Bill le Borgne
Missions will be updated during the winter 2019 to use the new portals freshly created and reduce the global distance. It's actually easy to visit this nice city : Start from a free parking and end at the same place after visiting the historical center. Contact me ig if you need help!
Закат в Саванне

Идется легко, Радует, что маршрут местами не самый попсовый, был в новых местах. Посмотрю еще маршруты от автора пожалуй
Birmingham Resistance
Completed the long trek around Birmingham! Fun journey and nice bannernat the end

3 portals currently not reachable (Aug '19) due to the building work but easy to hit with a little GPS trickery. Couldnt get to 1 other because the place was closed but same smple solution
L Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
Attention les 2 derniers portails sont dans un parc qui ferme tot. Impossible de les avoir de l'extérieur.
Le parc est très souvent privatisé et donc fermé au public.

Be careful the last 2 portals are in a park that closes early. Impossible to have them from the outside.
The park is very often privatized and therefore closed to the public.
Collégiale Saint-Martin - Brive-la-Gaillarde
Bill le Borgne
The fresque will be updated soon to reduce the global distance with the help of all new portal freshly created in the city center.
Звездная ночь
Прекрасный баннер для сбора уников в тушпарке:)
Berlin musikalisch
Bitte beachten Mosaik startet am Lido und endet am Postbahnhof. Nicht wie in der Beschreibung angegeben.