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Save the bike lanes
Cool silhouette banner! Not sure if that sunset photo was taken inside the campus, though.

Because of this mission I found out that there is really a dedicated lane for bicycles on UP Campus. There’s also a lane just for joggers to enjoy.

Two laps and the mission’s over. There are kiosks to get some refreshments to stay hydrated. Huge trees provide shade that even if I did this at noon it was not that scorching.
ENL Kitchener
Very well laid out banner. First time visiting town and it took me about and hour and a half, maybe an hour and 45 minutes. Extremely nice banner to walk.
Une bonne pout
This mission took 3 of us about 4 hours to do in February. We did this while walking. There are a great many one way streets in Montreal and it could have been cause for frustration to attempt in a vehicle.

I caution that the sidewalks are extremely icy at that time of year. A couple of the phones were having GPS issues while completing the missions around the much larger and taller buildings. Those two factors probably contributed to the mission taking a bit longer than i could have.

Decently laid out banner. Looks wonderful.

*Note: This banner does not loop back upon itself so it will not return you to your starting location.
Blessed St Jarvis
I enjoyed this banner a lot. First time visiting the city and it was very well laid out. It took me 6 hours including stopping for a half hour lunch and probably more destroying and linking than was necessary. No hiccups whatsoever but i agree about mission 31, as it had me grumbling a bit to back track to point number 3.

Great walk and beautiful banner.
Viktualienmarkt München
Schönes Motiv, Mission 1 bis 14 etwas länger gezogen, dadurch, dass man sich etwas außerhalb aufhält. Anfangs any order, später in Reihe. Es wäre schöner, wenn Startportal = Endportal der vorigen Mission wäre, da man im Fluss bleibt und nicht lange suchen muss.
Marienplatz München
Schönes Motiv, allerdings finde ich persönlich "Any order" Missionen nicht ganz so toll. Sind dadurch auch 2 mal falsch herum um den Block gelaufen, was nicht schlimm ist, aber in Reihe doch geordneter und schöner gewesen wäre. Außerdem wäre es besser die Missionen immer beim letzten Portal der vorigen Mission starten zu lassen, so kann man die nächste Mission immer direkt übers aktuelle Portal starten und muss nicht immer suchen, was bei einer Stadt wie München und mehreren ähnlichen Mosaiken durchaus etwas dauern kann.
The Beast of Bristol
Nice to see some other part of Bristol, however the route was quite illogical in some parts and quite a lot of portals were skipped , while they could have been included easily. The picture is nice though.
A nice and well planned banner.
The only unlocigal part was caused by change of one portal location. Accessibile by foot, by bicycle or even by car.
I recommend this to everyone.