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Southend Pier
Nice looking mission set. The walk was ok, but clearly this banner was planned and submitted a good while ago, since you'll pass lots of portals not on the missions.

As noted by secretlondon, you'll need to pay to either walk or ride the train down the pier and back.

Don't believe there are any access issues for those with a disability.
Check the internet fo pier opening times, (e.g IIRC, from October 2019, not open after 6pm)

#MP REDACTED Prague Czech Republic
Pohodova mozaika na 2.5h pesky. Klasicky v centru mraky turistu, takze stizeny pruchod. U 23 jsem proklinal autora, ale nekonec stacili jen 2 jarvisy.
dik. xdrm
OP Supernova
Il banner è molto bello e ottimizzato all'interno del centro di Foligno. Molto scorrevole e di veloce esecuzione. Nessun problema sulle domande, che aiutano a verificare l'andamento delle missioni, ciascuna delle quali parte dove termina la precedente.
Skyline Foligno
Il mosaico è bello e bene organizzato, con partenza dalla stazione e termine di nuovo nelle vicinanze. Una missione ha portali all'interno del Parco dei "Canapè", che di inverno chiude a mezzanotte e d'estate all'una di notte.
AZ Alkmaar
Een goeie banner. Zeker geen cargress want dan rij veel tegen het verkeer in en men komt in een park wat max fiets is.
AZ stadion is net aan te doen als je tegen het hek aan sta ivm werkzaamheden dak.
Black Cat
Mission optimisée, certain waypoint supprimé, parcours plus fluide. Enjoy
11から13 インテックス本社前から蓮池公園まで電車に乗っていきます。
Camden Banner
The last portal on the last mission is inside Camden Market. Closed at 2:30 on a Sunday morning for some!!! So don't do this mission after you've been out to a musical event and are slightly hungover and are in the "just one more portal" mode.